I Want What They’ve Got!

Two missionaries were traveling through the bush in Zambia recently. As they approached a village they saw that the villagers were having a huge party. They were singing and dancing and obviously having a great celebration.

Curious, they asked what the occasion was that everyone would be celebrating in the middle of the day.  They had a good reason – one of their villagers had just been released from prison and had come home.  There was joy all around.

So they asked what seemed to be the obvious question.  Had this man been wrongfully imprisoned?


Well, who send him to prison?  “We did!  He did wrong!”

So why the big celebration? “You’ve always taught us we must forgive. So we have. And now we are welcoming him home.”

Wow. the gospel, put into practice.  Our friends Mike and Linda Jones from N.O.A.H. Ministries were the ones who experienced this. What a joy to see how God’s Word which you’ve taught can change a life and the culture of an entire village! A debt paid. A life and future assured because God’s Word is true, and never returns void.

We love because He first loved us. We forgive as we have been forgiven. And we’re transformed even as we see others transformed by the power of His love.


Fay Nelson


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