Highlights !

Highlights of the Summer of 2015

At every Vacation Bible School last summer we saw God touch the hearts and lives of children.  Many asked for prayer – prayer for salvation, for courage, and often for family. Kids prayingWe did three of these during the summer: at Open Door Fellowship, Liberty Fellowship and New Hope. We had a wide range of ethnic and economic backgrounds and each child has the opportunity to be welcome into the family of God.

 Collide at Camp Emmanuel! There is no way to express the utter joy of seeing a teen come in weighed down with all the world can heap on us, and watch the transformation of God’s love as they stand and give testimony of His goodness. The CollideWorshipfreedom of worship those last night was so beautiful

Our last summer ministry was at a children’s arts camp. They learned to do puppetry, art, dance, music and technology. What a delight it was to see their creativity and desire to express their love for God in a creative way!


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